Recent talks

  • A Deep Dive into Vue.js Slots

    All about the slot reuse patter in Vue, from basic to intermediate and advanced. We talk default slots, named slots, fallback content, dynamic slots, and renderless components.

  • Junior to Senior Podcast

    A podcast interview with David Guttman. I talk about my start in tech, the importance of curiosity, and different forms of communication in a project.

  • Vue for React People. React for Vue People.

    Sometimes it's fun to see how the other side lives. We'll take a look at what it takes to build a component in both Vue and React. For the React developers out there who may be Vue-curious, this talk aims to illustrate the many parallel concepts and show how easy it is to take their existing knowledge of React and apply it to Vue. For the Vue developers who are unfortunate enough to be forced to work on a React project, this talk will get you up to speed with what React looks like in a "post-hooks" world.

  • Building an Iowa Caucus App for the Warren Campaign

    If you were paying attention to the Democratic primaries in February, you're probably familiar with the infamous Iowa Democratic Party caucus app build by Shadow Inc. that due to bugs and reporting mishaps had American politics in suspense for days afterwards. The Warren campaign had their own app. Ours worked. I built it. In this talk I'll go into why the app was a success and a bit of what tech looks like in the campaign world.

  • Tailwind CSS, or how I learned to stop worrying and love utility-first CSS

    A long-time skeptic of "utility-first" or "atomic" CSS, I finally gave Tailwind, an atomic CSS framework, a shot and now am a full convert. In this talk I introduce how it works, why it's a good idea, and how to integrate Tailwind into your existing Vue (or React or Angular or Svelte) project.

  • Codechella

    How we locked ourselves in a cabin for a week and rebuilt Joymode.